Why Choose Us Paul Nudelman Custom Jewellers?

A History in Business, A Future of Sparkling Jewellery Design

If you were planning to design and build your dream house, would you contact a handy-man contractor who may have done some minor repairs in your home? Or would you contact an experienced, professional architect who is experienced in custom designing and building "dream" homes?

The answer is clear; you would contact the experienced, seasoned professional architect.

Planning on an Engagement Ring?

If you were planning to buy an engagement ring, why visit and shop at just any jeweller instead of someone who is an expert and specializes in designing and creating custom diamond engagement rings?

How can you be certain that just "any jeweller" will be able to create and design that "special" meaningful ring for you? Will they be able to capture the dream ring you have imagined, as well as meet your expectations to find the right diamond, the right style, shape and quality of ring you are seeking?

Choose A Professional Jewellery Designer

It makes more sense to select someone who has been specializing in creating and designing custom diamond rings; someone who has the experience, knowledge and expertise to help educate, guide and counsel you to select the perfect diamond and create that meaningful ring especially for you. Someone who crafts a quality custom-designed ring and who offers outstanding customer service and satisfaction.

Why would you want to entrust this once in a lifetime purchase to a disinterested salesperson whose only interest is to sell you what they have in their showcase? They are not able to offer you the degree of personalization, specialization and customization that you deserve.

One to One Service with Paul Nudelman Jewellers

It would only be logical to choose and deal with someone who has been offering one-to-one service for years, understands the diamond market, and will oversee the design and production of your custom engagement ring from start to finished product.

We believe that each and every client deserves to be treated with respect, integrity and deserves exceptional one-to-one service in a pressure-free, personalized,professional environment away from the traditional showroom setting of bright lights and impersonalization.

Stress Free and Wonderful Experience

Imagine how wonderful and stress-free it would be to have your own personal diamond ring specialist to guide you throughout the entire diamond ring selection and design process. Someone who will take the time to explain the nuances and attributes of the diamond you will be purchasing as well as overseeing the creation, production and realization of your custom diamond engagement ring.

We are here to provide you with the most personalized online diamond experience coupled with the highest degree of transparency by offering you our eye for quality, our veteran experience, knowledge and expertise in the industry and our commitment to providing you with the utmost in quality at competitive prices.
If you have any questions, call us at: 1-514-515-2090 or send a message on the contact us page