Paul Nudelman Versus Traditional Jewellers

A Comparison between Traditional Jewellers and Us

There are many reasons that distinguish us from our competitors. We will address three specific key differences that our satisfied clients have shared with us. These differences are what separate us from traditional jewellers and why a 'Paul Nudelman Jewellers' custom design ring is superior to our competitors products.

Three key points to consider

  1. Pricing
  2. Custom Design
  3. One-to-One Customer Care and Satisfaction


Fact - over 74% of consumers overpay for their diamond engagement ring. That is 
astounding !!! We don't really know anybody who enjoys for overpaying for any item-
let alone diamond engagement rings that tend to be pricey due to the nature of the 

material (diamonds) and precious metals that are used in their formation.

We want to be very clear and dispel the misunderstandings and misconceptions about how and where to buy a custom diamond engagement ring and custom jewellery.

What do luxury "high-end" retailers, traditional brick and mortar stores and mall jewellers all share in common? They all have a tremendous amount of operating expenses that are "built in" to your purchase. They all have high monthly rents to pay due to their location on the street or in malls where they pay more rent to be more visible to more "traffic" or potential buyers.

They all have high salaries and commissions to pay to their staff, advertising and promotional costs as well as multiple ongoing monthly expenses like expensive showcase lighting, insurance, refurbishment of the store jewellery counters and displays and many other costs associated with operating any business or retail location.

Traditional jewellers calculate the actual cost of your diamond engagement ring and other fine jewellery and use a "mark-up" factor including all of their expenses to
determine the final cost of your diamond ring. That hardly seems fair to you.

In addition, some of these jewellers are public companies that have to provide "value"
to their primary interest - their shareholders - not to their clients. Sadly, these are all costs that are "hidden" or "built in" to the cost of your diamond ring. Wouldn't you rather be spending your money on purchasing a better quality diamond and custom ring professionally designed and made to your specifications?

Now you can clearly understand why over 74% of purchasers overpay for their engagement ring and other fine jewellery.

As online diamond ring specialists and custom jewellers, we do not have these crushing, onerous ongoing operating expenses. This allows us to take a different approach to selling, pricing, and custom crafting your diamond engagement ring and fine jewellery.

By eliminating these traditional costs and expenses we are able to pass the savings on to you without ever compromising on quality or craftsmanship. We can offer you guidance and better quality lab graded diamonds and personal one-to-one custom crafting of your ring all at competitive prices.

Why be served by a salesperson who has a vested interest in selling their
"showcase inventory". The stores are invested in this inventory and are more concerned with selling you what they have as opposed to selling you what you want. Because we are not hampered or restrained by "showcase inventory" your diamond selection process always starts with you and what you want.

Wouldn't you rather have a professional guiding and assisting you in this important purchase? An expert who knows and understands about diamonds and who has years of experience in designing and crafting custom made diamond rings.

Let's be real for a moment - purchasing something as important as your diamond engagement ring is not about a showcase full of someone else's diamond rings - it is about creating your story.

Custom Design

Rather than talk about custom design, we are going to show you what we mean by custom design by discussing a recent sale.After consulting with our client on the diamond purchase we began the design process. By incorporating all the design elements he mentioned, we re-imagined his diamond engagement ring made especially to his specifications. We designed this ring in three pieces for true customization.

Fig.1 - Wire frame 3 piece custom design ring

Fig. 2 - CAD rendering

Fig. 3 - Wire frame from another perspective

Fig.4 - CAD rendering from another perspective

The ring was carefully filed, cleaned and polished before setting. Afterwards, the ring was hand-drilled and precision set with the milgrain finish hand applied after the setting process. voila.......



 ...The finished ring.

One-to-One Customer Care & Satisfaction

Our philosophy to customer care is quite simple - we take the same personalized "hands-on" approach to customer care and satisfaction as we do in your diamond selection and custom ring design process. You always get the same personal attention you deserve.

Cars and appliances need servicing - clients want to be satisfied.

We pride ourselves in prompt, professional and efficient communication. We do our absolute best to respond to all of your questions/concerns quickly. We want to provide you with the best online one-to-one diamond custom ring and jewellery experience.