Vacheron Constantin Ultra Slim 6115

Sometimes less is more and the Vacheron Constantin Ultra Slim (ref.6115) aptly lives up to that phrase. I am excited to share with you my personal observations about this thin "slice" of watchmaking history. This exquisite watch is at the pinnacle of achievement. It is pure elegance,form, function and reliability. 

The Vacheron Constantin movement (caliber 1003) is the world’s thinnest traditional handcrafted wrist watch movement measuring a staggering 1.64 m.m. thin - a technical achievement that has endured for more than 65 years!!! Although thinner movements have been produced since using non traditional methods, for the most part they were unserviceable and repairs consisted of exchanging the old movement for a brand new movement.

Founded in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watch manufacturer on record.With over 260 years of commitment to quality, innovation,precision and design. it is not by accident that Vacheron Constantin continually and consistently rank amongst the world's most prestigious and desired luxury watch brands.

Vacheron Constantin already had made watchmaking history for manufacturing the world's thinnest pocket watches in the early 1930's.The movement measured a mere 0.90 m.m. Only a handful were made but these pocket watches never went to full production. Transforming this refined elegance for the wrist would be no easy task.

Introduced in 1955, the classic round Ultra Slim (ref 6115) featuring the caliber 1003 movement was advertised as " la montre plus plat de monde" - the world's flattest watch.This watch oozes with excellence, craftsmanship, elegance, and refinement.There are no frills here. This watch is pure unadulterated timekeeping housed in a classic round sleek 18k yellow gold case.


    To observe and listen to this tiny masterpiece movement was astounding.Every motion and sound is accounted, metered and measured for pure function and excellence. What struck me is the superior art of watchmaking and precision that is required to make this all perform in such a tiny, tidy space. At 1.64 m.m. thin, there is no margin for error. 

Measuring only 33 m.m. in diameter, considered small by today's standards, this particular watch was cased in a rich lustrous 18k yellow gold case and attached with a black lizard watchband. The original dial has been expertly restored and features crisp and clean 18k yellow gold baton markers and two gold hands. 



There are no frills here. This watch is true unadorned elegance where design and function meet on the highest planes of quality, achievement and refinement. This watch is incredibly thin !!!


My personal preference is for smaller cases so this watch is right in my wheelhouse. I just loved the way this watch nestled on my wrist. A perfect fit !!! Often, while wearing this timepiece, I caught myself looking at my wrist to see if I was wearing a watch at all. The illusion of this watch is that while it feels like wearing nothing at really IS everything. This is what I meant by "sometimes less is more". It's a tiny masterpiece of achievement in watchmaking and deserves its place in history.


If you ever get the chance to see a Vacheron Constantin Ultra Slim (ref6115) in person, and if you know the owner well, I urge you to take the opportunity to hold, handle and marvel at the thinness of this amazing feat of watchmaking artistry. You will thank me when you have.

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